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What is Clockify Chrome Extension

The Clockify Chrome extension can keep track of time and create a personalized dashboard. This extension will automatically detect the amount of time that you spend on your computer as well as the time spent typing. It will then generate graphs, detailed summaries, and insights about your working patterns. It also allows you to customize its behavior, compatibility, and settings.

Clockify Browser Extension has a variety of options for time tracking, enabling you to set up different timers for different tasks and projects. It also supports the Pomodoro technique, which lets you work in 25-minute intervals to maximize productivity. Clockify auto tracker also provides a convenient shortcut to start the timer. Using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+U, you can easily set up the timer and start the timer. The extension syncs with the Pomodoro timer to ensure that you have the right time to do what you need to do.

Clockify Chrome Extension

Latest Version2.9.2
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Clockify Chrome Extension

Key Features of Clockify Time Tracker

The Clockify Chrome extension offers a wide variety of time tracking and timesheet features. The extension enables you to record time manually or automatically, keep track of progress and billable hours, and submit timesheets with approval. It also lets you set reminders for timesheet due dates. Another great feature of Clockify is its calendar, which lets you visualize your timetable for an entire month in advance. It also connects with your Google or Outlook calendar, allowing you to see your entire team’s schedule, including schedules, charts, status, and breakdowns.

Another great feature of the Clockify timer for Chrome is the support for Pomodoro timers. This method enables you to work on tasks at 25-minute intervals to maximize productivity. This timer is also integrated with a timer shortcut, allowing you to start a timer easily. You can also set a reminder to get back on track when you get distracted by a certain task.

How to use Clockify Chrome Extension

The Clockify time tracker extension tracks your time while you’re on the web. It does this by tracking mouse and keyboard movements and then shows you a notification whenever you’ve been inactive. It then deletes the idle time from your browser. This makes it easy to see how much time you’ve spent doing various tasks.

Clockify plugin chrome is an excellent time-tracking tool. It helps you keep track of your work hours and gives you helpful insights to improve your productivity. It also detects when you’ve been idle and provides reminders to help you get back on track. It even includes a Pomodoro timer that helps you focus on your work without being distracted. You can even set it to start and stop automatically, so you don’t have to keep checking the time every time you’re working.

In addition to the timer, Clockify has other features that make tracking your time easier. The Pomodoro timer, reminders, and timers are just a few of the features that make time tracking easy. You can manage projects, invite people, review your timesheets, and export reports. The great thing about Clockify is that it’s free!

You can download the Clockify Chrome extension directly or by downloading the CRX, both options are available to you. To initiate the procedure just click on the download button above.


What is Clockify extension?

The Clockify Chrome extension allows you to track your time anywhere on the web. To use the extension, you need to sign in to Clockify. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one. After that, you can simply type in what you are doing and hit start.
You can also manually enter start and end times for tasks. You can even connect other apps to Clockify, such as Google Calendar. Once you’ve connected your Google calendar, Clockify will show you a weekly view of your tasks. You can then drag blocks to change the amount of time you spend on each task.
Another feature of the Clockify google extension is the Pomodoro timer, which helps you track your time efficiently. This tool is a great way to beat distractions and increase productivity. You can also set time goals and track your progress. The app is free to download and use, but there are a few paid bundles available for purchase.

Is Clockify free forever?

Yes, it is free and When it comes to time-tracking apps, Clockify stands out from the rest. It lets you keep track of time spent on different tasks and create reports about your productivity. In addition, it lets you set goals and track your goals. Its popularity has grown 73% over the last year, and it has 82K searches a month.
Clockify offers a desktop app for Mac and Windows and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It also has mobile apps for Android and iOS. There are also paid plans available with more advanced features and control over who can see what.

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