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In the world of web design, colors play a crucial role in creating visually captivating and engaging websites. Have you ever come across a color palette on a website and wished you could capture those exact colors for your own projects? Look no further than ColorZilla, the Chrome extension that empowers you to explore, identify, and utilize colors effortlessly. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the realm of ColorZilla, exploring its features, benefits, and how it can elevate your web design to new heights. It is a very helpful extension just like WhatFont Chrome Extension.

ColorZilla Chrome Extension

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ColorZilla chrome Extension

Key Features of ColorZilla Chrome Extension

  • Color Picker: ColorZilla offers a versatile color picker tool that allows you to capture colors from any element on a webpage. Simply hover over the desired area, and ColorZilla will display the color’s HEX or RGB value, enabling you to replicate and use it in your own designs.
  • Gradient Generator: Creating stunning gradients has never been easier with ColorZilla’s gradient generator. Customize the start and end colors, adjust the direction and intensity, and instantly generate beautiful gradients to enhance your website’s visual appeal.
  • Color Palette Viewer: ColorZilla’s color palette viewer enables you to explore the color schemes used on a webpage. It provides a comprehensive overview of the colors present, allowing you to extract the palette and apply it to your own projects for cohesive and harmonious designs.
  • Advanced Color Tools: With ColorZilla, you have access to a range of advanced color tools, such as the CSS gradient editor, eyedropper, and color history. These tools enable you to fine-tune colors, analyze existing palettes, and experiment with different color combinations with ease.
ColorZilla Chrome Extension

How to Use ColorZilla Chrome Extension

  • Install the ColorZilla Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Once installed, the ColorZilla icon will appear in your browser’s toolbar.
  • To capture color, click on the ColorZilla icon and select the color picker tool.
  • Hover over any element on a webpage to view its color value. Click to copy the color’s HEX or RGB code.
  • Utilize the gradient generator by clicking on the ColorZilla icon and selecting the gradient tool. Customize the settings and generate stunning gradients effortlessly.
  • To explore a color palette, click on the ColorZilla icon and select the palette viewer tool. Analyze the colors used on a webpage and extract the palette for your own designs.
ColorZilla Chrome Extension

Benefits of Using ColorZilla Chrome Extension

  • Time and Effort Savings: ColorZilla streamlines the process of capturing colors, generating gradients, and exploring color palettes. Providing a comprehensive suite of color tools within your browser, saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your web design projects.
  • Consistent and Harmonious Designs: With ColorZilla’s color palette viewer and gradient generator, you can create cohesive and harmonious designs by extracting and replicating color schemes used on existing web pages. This ensures visual consistency and professional-looking designs across your website.
  • Enhanced Creativity: By having quick and easy access to a wide range of colors and gradients, ColorZilla sparks creativity and inspires new design ideas. Experimenting with colors and gradients becomes effortless, enabling you to push the boundaries of your web design projects.
  • Increased Efficiency: The advanced color tools provided by ColorZilla, such as the CSS gradient editor and color history, enhance your efficiency in working with colors. Fine-tuning colors, analyzing palettes, and applying them to your designs becomes a seamless process.


Is ColorZilla compatible with other browsers?

ColorZilla is primarily designed for Chrome but also offers versions for Firefox and Safari, ensuring compatibility across multiple browsers.

Can ColorZilla Chrome Extension be used for offline color picking?

Yes, ColorZilla allows you to pick colors from your desktop outside of the browser, making it a versatile tool for various design applications.

Does ColorZilla support exporting color palettes?

ColorZilla enables you to export color palettes in various formats, including CSS, SCSS, LESS, and ASE, providing flexibility in integrating the extracted colors into your design workflow.


ColorZilla Chrome Extension is a must-have extension for web designers and developers who want to harness the power of colors in their projects. By offering a range of intuitive and powerful color tools, such as the color picker, gradient generator, and color palette viewer, ColorZilla empowers you to create visually stunning and harmonious designs. Unlock your creativity, save time, and elevate your web design projects with ColorZilla.

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