Best E-Learning Trends To Keep an Eye On

According to the report, the total e-learning market is expected to reach $51 billion in 2024. WordPress LMS systems are commonly used in educational institutions, corporate training programs, and other organizations to deliver and manage online learning initiatives efficiently. Moreover, the industry grows by 10 percent annually, and it constantly brings various new improvements and innovations. What are the latest trends and changes that Training & Development experts are looking for this year?

1. Big Data

The future of corporate training comes with the mass usage of big data. By its very nature, e-learning enables collecting lots of information on learners’ achievements, course popularity, and format effectiveness. All that helps DomainRacer companies provide employees with personalized and user-oriented training.

In 2024, for example, we will be able to collect more integrated data from various sources such as customer relationship management systems, human resources management systems, and even learning management systems. You can go with self hosted training course from low cost e-learning portal to create your own assignments, video tutorials, student inrollment and much more. The only question is if you are big-data-naïve, are you ready to go take some online course on it?

2. Customized Learning

Customization is an ongoing e-learning tendency closely related to the previous one. E-learning tools allow for the creation of individual learning paths, automatically adjusted to current employees’ tasks and needs. An accountant and a sales manager get completely different training programs—how could we have imagined that just a few years ago? Moreover, combined with quick-and-easy personnel assessment, online training becomes a powerful weapon on the employee productivity battlefield.

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3. Gamification

 It appears that everything about gamification already has been released, but according to, that’s the key trend for 2024. What could be new about gamification?

First, it comprises both personalization and interactivity. Today, the course’s plot exchanges depend on the learner’s answers and actions. Every step can result in success or failure—just like in real life.

Second, as revealed in recent research on gamification in education, it doesn’t work without a deep understanding of employees’ competencies and weaknesses. Who thinks that educational games are just about entertainment, this is bad news. Only smart gamification based on learning analytics brings the desired results.

4. eLearning

eLearning’s rise is a logical consequence of the increase in mobile technologies. Some specialists as of now claim it’s able to replace conventional desktop e-learning. immediate access via any possible devices, utilization of advanced technologies such as QR-codes and GPS, integration with social media, and mobile applications usage—all this makes eLearning key for 2024.

Most e-learning providers keep up with this trend and make their courses available through tablets and smartphones. In stages, mobile technologies make corporate training learner-centric.

5. Build up Reality

 E-learning augmented reality puts users into “real-life” conditions. Now, workers can study and try new machinery without any risk to their health and company assets. Car drivers can get prepared for extreme situations, and even sales managers can talk to virtual “customers” using new technologies.

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6. Automation

Automation is going to become an integral part of e-learning. It already enables content providers to create courses faster and, most importantly, cheaper. In the near future, tests, dialogue reactions, and exercises will be generated automatically, based on the course content. The e-learning developers save a lot of time and effort by ready-to-apply templates and smart algorithms.

7. Cloud-Based E-Learning Platforms

 Most companies utilizing e-learning already have switched to cloud solutions. Despite a common misconception about the insecurity of cloud data storage, e-learning providers constantly are improving their data security level.

More importantly, cloud systems are easy to use and support.

You don’t have to pay for the technical staff who will look after the order of the system’s work. Finally, your software state begins to self-update, and you don’t need to pay for updates several times a year. DomainRacer provides 24/7 customer support and 99.99% server operating time.

2024 is expected to see e-learning that is even more individual, well-timed, and technologically advanced. Spare no try to apply these seven tendancy to your corporate training—or find somebody who will do it for you—because your competitors are doing so already.

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Conclusion –

DomainRacer LMS provides a blog and a knowledge base for users to find support as needed. Their how-to guides contain step-by-step instructions with screenshots, making them easy to follow.

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