How to Install cPanel on your VPS server?

Cpanel is the best and most user-friendly management of web hosting on VPS. It is the most popular control panel and there is nothing complicated in the installation of one such as cPanel. Experience another degree of proficiency and security in cpanel vps hosting services with whm, giving you hearty devices and exhaustive administration choices. cPanel is a control panel that was created for web hosting. In order to install cPanel on your VPS, you have to understand the command line and its fundamental aspects. This article will help you learn everything about it.

The process of setting up cPanel on your virtual private server (VPS) will be easy as long as you have all the required information. You need a VPS like DedicatedCore and other hosting companies like DomainRacer. The process highlighted below is detailed enough for a seamless integration of cPanel in your VPS environment.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install cPanel on VPS Server

Step 1: Logging In

The first step is to enter your WHM. Follow these detailed sub-steps to initiate the login process.

  • Firstly, you should determine the IP address of your VPS. Boost your website’s loading speed by 30% with economical price vps servers from india.You usually find this information during the account creation process or within your hosting account.

Note: Therefore, conducting a reverse DNS lookup is of the essence for anyone who has just opened the VPS account to know the IP address.

  • Open a new browser tab and enter the following URL, replacing “YourIPAddress” with the obtained VPS IP address:
  • One should bear in mind that it is possible that a security notification may pop, stating that the connection may not be secure. This warning does not mean that we cannot continue.
  • This will open the WHM login page on the given URL. Enter the login credentials to access.

Step 2: Create a cPanel Account

Hereafter, a new cPanel account is established. If this marks your initial login on a new VPS, meticulously follow the subsequent sub-steps:

  • In case you enter WHM, you will be prompted to agree to the terms and services and even issues such as Name servers. Rest assured that in case of uncertainties, adjustments can be done at a later stage.
  • In the WHM interface click on “Create a New Account”.
  • Provide information such as the domain name, username, password, and email for the cPanel account. Document this information securely in a safe place.

Note: When intending to use the cPanel account for reselling, it is very essential to input customer information correctly.

  • Ensure to carefully go through the server’s settings, so as to suit yours.
  • Lastly, click the Create button and enter the necessary information for completion of the process.

Step 3: Access cPanel

  • Then, a confirmation message will be displayed after the creation of a post account. Press the “Go to cPanel” button to proceed.
  • At this stage you are now ready to use cPanel in domain management.

Step 4: Configure cPanel

Once installed, access cPanel by entering your server’s IP address or FQDN in a web browser. Then, it will display on-screen instructions that will include setting the root password and basic server settings.

Step 5: Set up email accounts

Open the “Email Accounts” part of cPanel and proceed with the instructions to create email accounts.

Step 6: Install additional software

Softaculous Apps Installer is a software installer that comes with the cPanel. Install web applications or other software on your VPS using it.

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  • Scalability: CPanel makes it possible to scale resources allocated to your websites hosted on VPS.
  • Enhanced website performance: cPanel has tools such as caching and content delivery network (CDN) integration to improve website performance.

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To conclude, the creation of your cPanel account acts as a prerequisite to building a robust and effective web hosting environment. CPanel ensures that you are able to customize your website and complex server configurations. Share your experiences, did you face any problems while installing cPanel? How much time did it require to finish setting up your cPanel account? What you know can be of great help to other individuals who may be on the same road. Additionally, you can rely on DedicatedCore and DomainRacer in this respect.

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