Stylus Chrome Extension – Style manager for the Google Chrome

What is Stylus Chrome Extension

Stylus chrome extension is an active and community-driven user style manager for the Google Chrome web browser. It lets you change the look of your favorite websites and manage your styles easily. It is available for free. This add-on lets you customize the appearance of any website in seconds. It also allows you to easily copy and paste the CSS code for other websites.

Stylus supports Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox editions. It also works with the dark theme.

Stylus Chrome Extension

Latest Version1.5.29
Rating Count971

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stylus chrome extension

Key Features Of Stylus Chrome

Stylus extension is an add-on for Chrome that enables you to change the style of your browser. It is based on the popular Stylish user style manager add-on. It allows you to create custom CSS styles and is also compatible with With Stylus, you can add and manage styles to any website.

The Stylus has many features that enhance your browsing experience. It offers a universal clock, weather infographics, nature references, and to-do lists. The extension also offers a variety of design options, including themes and skins for third-party applications and popular websites. It also lets you install custom themes from popular repositories and create custom CSS style sheets for your browser.

How to Use Stylus Chrome Extension

You can use Stylus for Chrome to apply a global theme to your web pages. This browser extension is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox editions. This extension supports a dark theme. It is also compatible with Stylish, another popular user style manager add-on.

You can download Stylus Google Extension from the Chrome web store or You can download the Stylus Extension CRX from our website by clicking on the Download Button mentioned above. By clicking the download button above you can either download the stylus for Chrome directly or download its CRX.

Can you use a stylus on a Chromebook?

Yes, you can use a stylus on a Chromebook as long as it has a touch screen and supports stylus input. Many Chromebooks, especially those designed for education and creative work, come with a built-in stylus or support third-party stylus pens. To check if your Chromebook supports stylus input, you can refer to the device specifications or consult the manufacturer’s website.

Stylus chrome extension themes

There are countless themes available for Stylus, ranging from simple color schemes to complete redesigns of popular websites. These themes are often created by users and can be found on websites such as, where users can browse and download custom themes for Stylus.


What is Stylus for Chrome?

Stylus plugin chrome is a user style manager that lets you install various themes and skins without having to use complicated installation processes.  It is available for free and this add-on lets you customize the appearance of any website in seconds.

How does the stylus extension work?

Stylus is a chrome extension for managing your user styles. It works like the popular Stylish add-on, but with a few added features. First, it checks for new user-style updates automatically every 24 hours. Next, it lets you view all of your styles, and you can even import your own styles!
When using Stylus, you can select a theme from a drop-down list, or customize the default theme. For instance, you can choose a global theme for your browser, or customize each tab with a specific color. Stylus can customize the look of your browser with skins for third-party applications and popular websites. It also lets you install custom themes from online repositories.

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