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What is Tabby Cat Extension

If you love cats, you might enjoy installing the free Tabby Cat Chrome extension. This extension replaces tabs on your browser with adorable kittens whenever you open a new tab. It comes in many different color variations. It even allows you to take photos of the cats and use them as profile pictures.

Tabby Cat Google Chrome extension makes your computer look like a cat’s home, filled with adorable tabs. Mouse over them to hear them purr. As you continue to use the extension, you will unlock new props. You will sometimes find tiny kittens or even spinning cats on a starry background.

Tabby Cat Chrome Extension

Latest Version2.0.1
Rating Count5,499

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tabby cat chrome extension

Key Features of Tabby Cat Chrome Extension

The Tabby Cat Chrome extension is a great way to add a new animated pet to your new tabs. You can choose between different color combinations and a variety of cute cat expressions. This extension also lets you pet your new friend and set it as your profile picture. This extension is free and works on the Chrome web browser.

In addition to replacing tabs with cute cats, this extension also lets you take photos of the cats that appear on your tabs. You can also play with them and give them toys to play with. This will help you to bond with your new tabby friend.

How to use Tabby Cat

The tabby cat chrome extension is a simple extension that fills your tabs with cute cats. Each time you open a new tab, you’ll be greeted with a new feline friend. You can mouse over the tabs to hear them purr and save snapshots of your new pets. The graphics are basic, but you can customize your cat by choosing different colors or accessories. You can also choose odd, quirky images such as flying kittens or a unicorn-like horn cat.

The Tabby Cat plugin is free and only works with the Chrome web browser. Simply install the extension on your computer and it will add a new cat to your new tabs. It also allows you to take photos of the cats and set them as your profile pictures.


Can you get a baby pig in a tabby cat?

The Tabby Cat extension allows you to randomly generate different pets. One of the pets is the Tubby Piggy, previously called the Chubby Piglet. You can customize your own Tabby Piggy and even add toy money to it. The Tabby Piggy has short legs and a curly tail and is rounded in the head and ears.
Another feature of this Google Chrome extension is that it lets you pet the cat that you choose. You can also take pictures of the cats and set them as your profile picture. When you are finished, you can choose another new pet.

What is the tabby cat Chrome extension?

If you’re looking for a simple way to add fun and creativity to your web browsing, you might want to try the Tabby Cats extension. This extension is completely free and exclusive to Google Chrome. It works by generating a different feline character for every new tab you open. It has a simple design, with basic colors, but it also has some unique, quirky images. For instance, a flying kitten with a wand or a cat with a unicorn-like horn will show up as new tabs are opened. And of course, the names of these felines are utterly random!
The Tabby Cat google chrome generates a different kitty every time you open your browser. It can have different colors and accessories and you can even pet the cat. You can also take pictures of your own cat with the extension to use as your profile picture. You can even save these images as snapshots.

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