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What is Toby Chrome Extension

The Toby Chrome Extension is a useful tool that organizes tabs in a way that makes them easy to find and use. Toby for Chrome helps you organize your browser tabs into collections, each containing tabs that you want to remember or keep. Once you have added a tab to a collection, you can search for it by name or add it to a list of saved tabs. This tool is great for teams and businesses, as it helps to organize the work you do every day. It also supports multiple workspaces, allowing you to have multiple tabs on your Chrome browser.

Another great feature of Toby is its ability to save tabs for later access. The extension can save as many as 15 tabs and can even open up to seven. To get started, you must register for an account with Toby, where you’ll have to enter your work address, your full name, and a password. Once you’ve completed the registration form, you can install Toby to your Chrome browser.

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Toby Chrome Extension

Key Features of Toby Extension

Toby Chrome Extension is a browser extension for managing tabs. With its help, you can keep tabs organized and avoid distractions. Users have reported saving as much as eight hours per week, or 48 days in a year. It is also designed to synchronize tab configurations and prevent browser crashes.

The Toby interface allows you to organize your tabs by collection. It also supports syncing across devices. In addition, you can rename tabs to organize them better. It also lets you export your tab collections as text files, HTML, or JSON. You can also import saved tabs.

Toby chrome Plugin organizes browser tabs and opens them in a collection based on the time and date. This makes it easier to access your most important resources at a glance. Toby also allows you to switch between collections and assign tags to each tab.

How to Use Toby Chrome Extension

The Toby Chrome extension helps you organize all your tabs into visually-appealing lists. To use Toby Browser Extension, you first need to register an account. Once you’ve done so, you can add tabs, rename them, and search for saved ones. This extension is great for businesses and teams as it supports multiple workspaces.

You can set Toby to save your tabs in a session list based on time and date. You can also create your own lists and drag your favorite tabs into them. You can even use Toby to sync your lists across different devices. Toby even lets you create lists for teams.

Toby is one of the best Chrome extensions for managing tabs. It helps you organize your tabs by collection and presents them in card format. It also provides a note feature and tags to help you organize your tabs. The extension also helps you save browsing sessions.


How do I use Toby in Chrome?

If you’ve ever wished you could remember everything you had open in Chrome, Toby can help you do that. This extension allows you to customize your browser’s tabs and save all your open tabs in one place. It can rename your tabs for you, save your recent links and bookmarks, and even synchronize your tab configuration across devices. This extension also makes your life easier by preventing browser crashes from messing up your set-up.
Once installed, Toby will appear at the top of your browser, and you can start saving tabs. You can organize them into collections, ranging from articles to social media platforms. You can even name your first collection and then pick which tabs you want to save. Click the Toby icon in your browser to open a tab that you want to save for later.

What is Toby’s extension?

This browser extension is designed to help you organize your tabs in the browser. It stores your current active tabs in a list and creates a session list based on date and time. Toby helps you find the most frequently used tabs and highlights links matching your query. It also syncs with other devices and can transfer your sessions.
Toby Google Chrome lets you create collections, which are collections of tabs that you save. These collections can be anything from your favorite social media platforms to articles you’re working on for your project. You can also name your collections and select which tabs you want to save. To do so, click the Toby icon on your browser and choose the collection you want to save.

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