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Forest Chrome Extension – Improve Productivity

What is Forest Chrome Extension

The Forest Chrome extension is a productivity tool that helps you focus on your work. It helps you block out distractions like social media and video hosting sites. It also helps you stay on task and avoid procrastination. Forest stay focused be present also has a feature called Fireshot, which brings screenshot functionality to your desktop. It also lets you choose which section of a web page to capture.

Forest uses a sense of responsibility to keep you focused on your task. It shows you the impact of your actions, so if you are doing something wrong, you can get motivated again. It is also visually appealing. The extension allows you to donate money to help plant real trees around the world.

Forest Chrome Extension

Latest Version5.11.0
Rating Count1,160

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forest chrome extension

Key Features of Forest Browser Extension

The free Forest extension for Chrome is very useful in keeping you focused and away from distractions on the web. It provides detailed statistics and rewards to encourage you to focus on your task. It also helps you to avoid blacklisted websites, so that you can avoid distractions while working on your computer. Forest chrome plugin also helps you to save battery life as it suspends inactive tabs so that they resume their active tab status when you open them again.

The Forest extension plants a virtual tree sapling at the start of each session. You can also block certain websites from navigating during a session. The extension syncs with the Forest mobile application, which gives you a detailed account of the progress of your forest. You can also share your progress with your friends to promote teamwork and productivity.

How to use Forest Chrome Extension

The Forest Google plugin can be used to keep your tabs organized in a tree-like hierarchy. It automatically adds tabs as children and keeps track of their states. It helps you avoid distractions and concentrate on your work. It supports two different modes: inline mode and external mode. It also has the option to unload tabs that you do not need or are not actively using.

To install the Forest extension, visit the Forest website. Click on “add to chrome” to download the extension. Once installed, you will need to click the puzzle button in the top right corner to access the extension.


How does the Forest Google extension work?

The Forest app extension is a handy application that allows users to set a timer and focus on a single task. This helps users stay on task and prevents them from accidentally opening another application. It is available for Android and iOS devices. To download it, visit the Play or App Store.
The Forest Chrome extension works like a productivity app. It works by planting a virtual tree sapling in your browser at the beginning of your session. You can also block certain websites from your browser’s Blocklist while browsing and sync with the Forest mobile app to display your progress and stats. This app also lets you know how many trees you’ve successfully grown, and which ones you still need to unlock.

How does forest work on a PC?

Users can use the Forest chrome extension on their PCs. Forest is an app for time management and focus. This time management game lets you plant trees and view the progress of previous focus sessions. You can view the health of your trees and tag them with notes. The Forest app also offers different types of challenges for you and your friends. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend your time, it might be perfect for you.
It offers a free version and a Pro version. The pro version removes advertisements and lets you take part in group focus sessions. The pro version of the app also offers achievements and custom phrases. However, if you don’t want to pay, you can just download the free version of the app and ignore the ads.

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