Fatrank Chrome Extension – Trach Ranking for a particular keyword in Google and Bing

What is Fatrank Chrome Extension

Fatrank is a Chrome extension that checks where your website ranks for a specific keyword. By default, it uses Google’s global search settings for keyword searches, but it also includes local listings in its ranking positions. This is useful if you want to be able to track the performance of your local listings. In addition, the extension has been updated with a new interface and includes a session history option.

The free version of Fatrank chrome extension gives you a fast and simple way to check keyword ranking across multiple websites in Google and Bing. To use it, simply go to the page you’d like to monitor and input a keyword. You’ll see where the keyword is positioned in the search results, and whether it’s generating traffic. Moreover, the extension stores the data in a “History” section, and you can export it in a CSV format if you’d like to see a more detailed breakdown.

Fatrank Chrome Extension

Latest Version2.1.3
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fatrank chrome extension

Key Features of Fatrank Chrome Extension

The Fatrank Chrome Extension is a powerful tool for understanding how your website performs when viewed by search engines. This extension is free and gives you instant insights into your keyword rankings and page performance. To get started, simply install the extension and input a keyword into the search bar. The extension will then display the current position for the keyword, or if the page isn’t found, a “Not Found” message will appear. Fatrank also allows you to download data in CSV format and store it for future analysis.

Another popular feature is the ability to search for keywords to get rankings for. This feature is also handy when you want to find out which of your competitors are ranking for a particular keyword. The Fat rank extension also gives you detailed SEO information and trends about the keywords you’re interested in. You can also see which keywords your competitors rank for and what their traffic is like.

How to Use Fatrank Chrome Extension

Fatrank Keyword Rank Checker is a free, lightweight Chrome extension that will help you find your website’s keyword ranking in Google and Bing. All you have to do is visit a site, type in a keyword, and it will display its position within Google’s search results. The extension also stores this information for you in its “History” section. You can even download this information to a CSV file for further analysis.

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How do you use Fatrank?

Fatrank is a Chrome extension that searches Google SERPs for specific keywords. It uses Google’s search database to determine your website’s rank position. It displays the results in the form of graphs or color indicators. You can even export the data to a CSV report. This extension is one of the best in its class and offers many useful features.
Fatrank is a free keyword rank checker that allows you to see how many websites are ranking for a given keyword. It is easy to use for prospecting because it allows you to add unlimited keywords and track their ranking positions in any country.

How do I find the keyword ranking?

To find the keyword ranking of your site, you can simply click the fatrank icon on the right upper corner of your Chrome browser. The extension will then display the number and keyword position for each page you visit. The data will also be displayed in a CSV file.
The Fatrank feature can be used to track the ranking of any website. You can add unlimited keywords for any website. After you’ve finished analyzing your website, you’ll receive a PDF report or CSV file containing a final analysis of your website’s performance online.
Fatrank is a free keyword ranking checker. You can use it to find the keyword ranking of any web page or website on Google. It searches down to 100 ranking depths and displays the keyword ranking for that page. It also saves your session history and allows you to export it to a CSV file.

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