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What is Print Friendly and Pdf Chrome Extension

If you’d like to print the web pages you visit, the Print Friendly and PDF Chrome Extension can help. This friendly pdf chrome extension allows you to print webpages in PDF format and eliminates unnecessary elements. It even lets you e-mail your documents without slowing down your browser. What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about wasting paper.

This Print friendly extension automatically transforms web pages into PDF files, allowing you to save them on your computer. It also helps you save paper and ink by removing all clutter from web pages before printing. You can also use the extension to save web pages to your Google Drive. To download the extension, visit the Chrome Web store. Once it’s installed, you can pin the icon in the Chrome address bar, where you can easily access it whenever you need to print something.

Print Friendly and Pdf

Latest Version2.8.1
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Print Friendly and Pdf Chrome Extension

Key Features of Print friendly Pdf Extension

PrintFriendly and Pdf Chrome Extension allow you to easily remove unwanted content before printing, resulting in a cleaner document. It also optimizes pages for paper, eliminates individual images, and automatically adjusts the font size. Moreover, it lets you print and archive PDF files with ease, including links and images.

Print Friendly and PDF is an extension that works with Chrome to create more print-friendly web pages and also allows users to print documents from the web or email them to their email accounts. 

It removes unnecessary content and ads from web pages, leaving only the main content. This allows you to enjoy the best print reading experience. Moreover, it also generates PDF files for easy sharing, archiving, and saving. In addition, you can customize your PDF files by changing font sizes, deleting content, and increasing image size.

How to Use Print Friendly and Pdf Chrome Extension

Print Friendly and Pdf Chrome Extension is a browser add-on that helps you to optimize web pages for printing. It can remove advertisements, junk, and navigation to make pages readable on paper. It can also change the size of fonts and images. The generated PDFs are easy to share and save, and they are tagged with a clickable link or source URL, so you can continue interacting with the content.

Print Friendly & PDF Chrome Extension optimize webpages before printing, so you can save them as PDF documents and save them to Google Drive. The extension also lets you customize fonts, remove unwanted content, and resize images before printing. This Pdf and Print Friendly extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and pinned to the address bar.


What is a PrintFriendly extension?

When you want to print a webpage, you can use the PrintFriendly extension. This extension will remove unnecessary ads, navigation, and other junk from your webpage and optimize it for printing. It also generates PDF files that you can share, save, or archive. The PDFs also include clickable links and the source URL, so you can continue to interact with the page even when you print it. What’s more, PrintFriendly is completely free to use.
The PrintFriendly extension helps you to print any webpage with ease. It works by removing navigation bars and ads from websites and tweaking text so that it’s easier to read. It works with most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. What’s more, it doesn’t slow down your computer.

How do I add Printly friendly?

If you are looking to print a webpage to PDF, you should add the PrintFriendly & PDF Chrome Extension to your browser. This extension will allow you to easily generate PDF files of any webpage. If you use the extension, you will no longer have to worry about ads on your website.
It will automatically optimize your web pages before printing them to PDF and also lets you change font size and delete content from web pages. You can even e-mail a page in PDF format to share with others. The best part is that you can do all these without causing your computer to slow down or give you a headache.
If you use Edge, PrintFriendly will automatically transform your website into a print-friendly format. It does so by removing ads and navigation bars and also reformats your content so that it is easier to read. It supports most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. You can even modify the page layout and margin size to fit your needs.

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