Seoquake Chrome Extension – Powerful SEO Toolbox for your Browser

The Seoquake Chrome extension is a tool that will help you spy on the SERP data of your competitors just like the SimilarWeb Chrome Extension. It is a great tool for website owners who want to understand their competitors’ backlink profiles and strengthen their SEO strategies. It provides data for URLs and domains and also allows you to export data.

Seoquake Chrome Extension

Latest Version3.9.9
UpdatedDecember 26, 2022
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Seoquake extension offers an extensive database of information from various sources, which makes it useful for competitive research. As an extension, it also saves your browser space. Seoquake chrome extension can be installed from the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-Ons. Once you install it, you will see an icon that you can click on to begin using the tool.

Like the SEO Meta in 1 Click Chrome Extension, the Seo quake Chrome extension provides free in-browser access to key SEO metrics. It includes an SEO Audit, a Seoquake bar, and various other tools and shows the keywords your competitors are using as well as their Google AdWords. It also displays information about your website’s metadata such as keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions. You can even sort and export the results. The Seoquake extension also allows you to integrate external objects such as Google+.

seoquake chrome extension

Key Features of Seoquake Chrome Extension

Seoquake Chrome Extension offers a number of benefits, ranging from backlink analysis to SERP analytics. Its feature-packed interface allows you to compare over 15 URLs in a single window. This can be useful for evaluating the health of your website and discovering toxic links. It lets you export data in report form.

It also provides a detailed keyword report, allowing you to see the number of keywords that your site has and their density and prominence. Moreover, it lets you narrow down the data with advanced filters. Another handy feature is its SERP overlay, which gives you a detailed analysis of all SERPs. With the click of a button, you can export the data into a CSV file, print the report, or save it to your computer as a PDF.

Another feature that the SEO Quake extension has is its SEO dashboard. This small and compact box contains various SEO factors, such as Page, Domain, and Backlink details. You can also export this data in CSV format, which is very convenient for marketers. The dashboard also has a wide range of data types, such as social media platforms.

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How to Use Seoquake Chrome

Seoquake is a very configurable web extension that can be used to analyze various SEO parameters on your website. It provides basic metrics about your domain, including Alexa rank, the number of pages indexed by Google and Bing, and the number of pages indexed by Web Archive. It also provides social media metrics. Seoquake has dozens of other settings that you can configure and tweak.

The Seoquake Chrome Extension is easy to install and provides free in-browser access to essential SEO metrics. It offers several useful tools including the SEO Audit and the SERP overlay. The SERP overlay displays detailed metrics for each SERP listing and lets you sort and export results. It also offers detailed reports for specific pages.


To install it simply go to the chrome web store, type seoquake, and then click on the Add to Chrome button. It displays your website’s Semrush rank and Web Archive age and gives you social media metrics. This extension is particularly helpful for people who work in SEO since it helps them track their competitors’ rankings.
Seoquake works on most major browsers, including Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is also compatible with mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads.

Seoquake is a lightweight extension that provides detailed reports on the SEO aspects of your website. It provides information about backlinks, Google rankings, and more. It also allows you to export the data in a report format for further use. This feature is very useful if you want to monitor your website’s progress.
SEOquake is an extension that you can install on your browser. It offers an SEO dashboard and SEO bar. The extension can also provide you with SEO data, keyword density, internal/external links, and social metrics. You can even customize your toolbar to display only the information you’re interested in. It’s easy to install and takes only a few seconds.

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