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Unsplash Chrome Extension

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What is Unsplash Chrome Extension

 The Unsplash chrome extension allows users to quickly and easily find free high-quality images. It works by linking to the Unsplash photo repository. With this extension, users can search for keywords, terms, or elements to find photos of high resolution. The best part is that all these photos are free.

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Unsplash for Chrome is a free productivity extension. To get started, users must create a free account on the Unsplash website. After creating an account, they must register their application with Unsplash and generate an access key string. These credentials can be found in the application’s settings.

unsplash chrome extension

Key Features of Unsplash For Chrome

The Unsplash extension is one of the most popular tools on the web for improving the speed and ease of inserting images into websites. The extension allows you to search for and embed images with just a few clicks. It also allows you to set an image as your desktop wallpaper.

Unsplash has a history of working with Apple. Therefore, its apps aren’t available for Android users, but they do have a Chrome extension. This extension beautifies your browser tabs by integrating a number of beautiful images from Unsplash’s extensive library.

How to Use Unsplash Extension for Chrome

If you’re looking for a good free image downloader, you can use the Unsplash extension. It will help you find and download photos from the Unsplash catalog. You can then share the images through your Chrome browser. This extension is compatible with Chrome versions 69 and higher.

The extension replaces your new tab with an image from the Unsplash library, a popular photo-sharing site. The photographs are high resolution and free of charge. The best part is that the site’s database has over 30,000 images. You can even download a photo to your computer and use it as your desktop wallpaper.


Is Unsplash secure?

The Unsplash Chrome extension is a secure extension that makes it possible to search for and insert free photos into web pages. It can be downloaded for free. The extension also lets you view and search through all the images on Unsplash’s website. You can also set the images as desktop wallpaper.

What is the Unsplash app used for?

Unsplash offers high-quality stock photos. The site is free to use and has thousands of images available for download. The site offers a variety of categories, as well as a search function. You can find images for a wide variety of uses, including business websites, blog posts, and social media posts.

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