Liner Google Extension

What is Liner Google Extension

The Liner Google Extension can be used to capture your web pages while you read. It saves all the highlighted text along with comments and can export them to Word or various file formats. You can also include links from the highlighted text so that your readers can easily visit the original web page. Modern learners have very short attention spans, and the Liner extension can help them capture and preserve their reading experience.

Liner Google Extension

Latest Version7.5.0
Rating Count5,667

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liner google extension

ChatGPT Google Assistant & Highlighter

The LINER Chrome extension can be helpful when you’re using ChatGPT for searching and gathering information. If you come across a webpage that has the information you want to save or refer back to later, you can use the LINER extension to highlight the relevant text on the page and save it for later. This can be especially useful if you’re doing research or trying to gather information on a particular topic.

Once you’ve highlighted the text and saved it using LINER, you can easily access it later by opening the LINER app. You can organize your highlights by category or tag, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. This can save you time and effort when you’re trying to sift through lots of information.

While LINER and ChatGPT are separate tools, they can work well together to make your research and information-gathering more efficient. By using LINER to highlight and save important text, you can focus on processing the information and using ChatGPT to find more relevant content, rather than spending time trying to remember or find what you’ve already come across.

Key Features Liner Chrome Extension

The Liner Google extension is a great tool for highlighting web content. It can be used to highlight key sections of web pages, key sentences, and even videos on YouTube. Its highlight feature allows you to find what you’re looking for faster. It also integrates with Evernote and is ideal for people who read and research online.

How to use Liner Google Extension

Liner is a popular tool to highlight your website’s content. The liner plugin also lets you share highlighted links with other people. However, The extension requires you to sign in to use the premium features. Also, the Tilda shortcut key does not work in Chrome.

When you use the liner extension for chrome, firefox, or safari you can highlight web pages and PDF files and save them to your Liner dashboard. You can also export highlights to various file formats and share them with others. The best part is that you don’t need to open another app or double-tap to share your highlights. If you have a friend, you can share the highlights with him or her, which allows them to read your customized web pages.


What does the LINER Chrome extension do?

The LINER Google Extension makes searching for reliable information easier by recommending pages that have been curated by millions of intelligent users. It also lets you sneak a peek at the key contents of pages and subfolders. Users from more than 50 countries are using Chrome Extension LINER to improve their web browsing experience.
Users can also highlight text from different websites, save them to their LINER home, and share them with others. Highlighted text can be shared in emails, on cloud drives, and via mobile devices. 

Are LINER extensions free?

LINER is free to use. To download the free version, visit LINER helps you find reliable content faster by filtering the highlights on the web created by millions of intelligent users. It makes Googling a more pleasant experience. It highlights important text on web pages and lets you peek into key content. You can even organize your highlights into folders to save time.
It works on mobile devices and desktop computers. It syncs your highlights between devices. It also supports e-mail and social networks. It also allows you to share your highlights with others. You can also export your highlights to other applications, such as Evernote. The great thing about the liner is that you don’t even need to launch the application to share your highlights.

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