Todoist Chrome Extension – Manage Your Todo List

What is Todoist Chrome Extension

The Todoist Chrome Extension provides a quick way to create your to-do lists and tick them off. The Todoist chrome plugin also allows you to organize them by label, timeline, and project. You can even email a task to yourself without opening a separate app. Todoist also tracks your progress as you complete tasks.

Todoist Chrome Extension

Latest Version10.11
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Todoist for Chrome allows you to add a due date, a reminder time, a priority, and more. You can also add notes to each task, share them with other people, and import or export tasks. The Todoist Karma Trend feature allows you to see how productive you are. The Todoist extension also allows you to sync and view your tasks across different time zones.

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todoist chrome extension

Key Features of Todoist Chrome Extension

The Todoist Chrome extension mimics the features of the full Todoist application, including the ability to add, check, and delete tasks. It has helpful features and is easy to use. The Todoist Google Chrome extension can be installed on both Mac and Windows and offers a similar interface. Users can view their tasks by label, timeline, and project, and add new tasks.

Todoist is a task management service that allows you to manage time and prioritize tasks. It can even track time, which is an important aspect of staying on track and completing tasks efficiently. Todoist integrates with Toggle Track, a service that tracks your time and lets you see how much you spend on each task.

How to Use Todoist Extension for Chrome

The Todoist Chrome Extension is a handy tool for creating and managing your to-do lists. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you add tasks from anywhere on your browser. It also lets you share task lists and has a search feature. It is a free extension for Chrome browsers.

If you’re having problems using the Todoist Chrome extension, you may want to clear your web browser cache. It can be difficult to remember what caused your Todoist browser extension to not work. If you can’t find the problem, try using an automated tool to clear your browser’s cache and cookies. If you’re unsure of how to do this, you can use CCleaner, a powerful PC optimization software.

Todoist Google Extension is a popular task management tool. You can add tasks to it in multiple ways, like by starting a timer and assigning them to larger projects. It also allows you to assign clients to your tasks and keep track of billable rates. It can also help you track your productivity by showing you the Karma points you’ve earned and your progress.


The Todoist for Chrome extension provides a fast, convenient way to capture tasks on the go. Whether you’re in the middle of a meeting, or in the middle of a long-winded web search, the extension allows you to create tasks and tick them off with a single click. The extension also tracks your progress, allowing you to see where you stand in the completion process.
If the Todoist Chrome extension is not working, you may need to clear the web browser’s cache and cookies. You can try clearing these files manually, or by using an automated tool. For example, you can use CCleaner, a popular PC optimization program, which has a browser cleaner built in. Once you’ve cleared your cache and cookies, go to the Chrome Web store and search for “Todoist for Chrome”. Click “Add” and follow the instructions to add the extension to Chrome.

Although the free version of Todoist is functional, there are a few limitations to the service. You can only store up to 80 projects on the system, so it is not ideal for projects with many moving parts. However, you can easily manage your projects with the help of filters. In addition, you can create user roles and set admins for each project.
The app itself has multiple features, including a calendar view and a Pomodoro timer. It also allows you to add members to your team and comment on tasks. However, you can only add five files to each project, so you might want to use another service if you want to store larger files.

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