Mailtrack Chrome Extension, Email Tracker for Gmail

What is Mailtrack Chrome Extension

The Mailtrack extension for Gmail is a free tool that will help you keep track of any email that has been opened or forwarded. It is available for all major browsers e.g. Safari, Yahoo, Firefox, and Edge, and lets you add checkmarks to your sent and received emails. You can install the free Mailtrack extension from the Chrome Web store and even pin it to your browser’s bar for quick access.

Mailtrack Chrome extension

Latest Version11.9.0
UpdatedFebruary 15, 2023
Rating Count11,165

Mailtrack works with Gmail’s schedule email feature to send push notifications every time someone opens your email. It also works with iOS and Android devices. There is a free plan, which allows unlimited tracking and a signature that says, “sent with Mailtrack”. For $4.99 per month, you can upgrade to the pro version.

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mailtrack chrome extension

Key Features of Mailtrack for Gmail extension

Mailtrack is a free extension for the Chrome browser that lets you keep track of your email’s read status. Once installed, Mailtrack links to your Gmail account so you can see when your emails are opened and for how long. It also provides an activity dashboard and reports for your emails. This tool is great for businesses and marketers because it helps keep track of follow-up calls and emails, as well as monitor your inbox activity.

MailTrack uses a Google account to track your email activity and removes tracking pixels from your sent emails. It also does not use read or send permissions to track your email. It also adds checkmarks to your emails, which update the status of whether the recipient has opened the message. You can also use the extension to modify Gmail’s inbox website so that it displays double-check marks whenever you send or receive an email.

How to use Mailtrack google chrome extension

The Mailtrack plugin for Google Chrome can help you keep track of your emails from anywhere. The extension adds a check mark to each email you receive. It will also update the status of your emails so you can easily tell which ones have been opened or deleted. This add-on can be downloaded from Google Workspace and installed on your desktop computer and mobile device.

After you download and install the Mailtrack Google Chrome extension, you’ll be able to keep track of any email sent to and from your Gmail account. Each time a specific email is open, you will get real-time notifications. Moreover, you can pin the extension to make it easy to find when you need it.


Mailtrack is not installed by default and can be disabled at any time. To disable Mailtrack, go to the Mailtrack website and sign in with your Gmail account.

If you use Gmail, you can track email open rates by enabling email tracking. There are a few options you can choose from. First, you can click on the header of an email to see the IP address of the recipient.

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