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In a digital age filled with distractions, staying focused and managing online time effectively can be challenging. Introducing StayFocusd, the game-changing Chrome extension designed to help you regain control over your online habits. Whether you’re a student, professional, or anyone striving for enhanced productivity, StayFocusd empowers you to set limits on time spent on distracting websites and maximize your efficiency. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the key features, benefits, and how to effectively utilize the StayFocusd Chrome extension to reclaim your time and achieve your goals.

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StayFocusd Chrome Extension

Latest Version2.0.2
Rating Count6,891

Key Features of StayFocusd Chrome Extension

  • Website Blocking and Time Limits: StayFocusd allows users to block access to specific websites or set time limits for their usage. Maintain a healthy balance between work and leisure by curbing excessive online browsing.
  • The “Nuclear Option”: For moments requiring intense concentration, StayFocusd offers the “Nuclear Option,” which temporarily blocks access to all websites except those on your allowed list. This extreme focus mode promotes undistracted work.
  • Customizable Settings: The extension enables users to customize settings, such as the days and times when restrictions are applied. This flexibility ensures that StayFocusd aligns with your unique schedule and goals.
  • Challenge Mode and Accountability: StayFocusd’s “Challenge Mode” presents a daily task that must be completed before you gain access to restricted websites. This feature promotes accountability and productivity.
StayFocusd Chrome Extension

How to Use StayFocusd Chrome Extension

  • Install the StayFocusd Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Once installed, the StayFocusd icon will appear in your browser’s toolbar.
  • Click on the StayFocusd icon to access the extension’s settings and configuration options.
  • Add websites to your blocked list and set time limits for them.
  • Utilize the “Nuclear Option” for periods of focused work.
  • Experiment with the “Challenge Mode” to enhance accountability.
StayFocusd Chrome Extension

Benefits of StayFocusd Chrome Extension

  • Enhanced Time Management: StayFocusd helps you allocate time more wisely by limiting excessive browsing on distracting websites. This time management promotes a balanced online presence.
  • Increased Productivity: With StayFocusd’s features, you can minimize digital distractions, boost focus, and increase overall productivity. Spend more time on meaningful tasks and goals.
  • Improved Self-Discipline: By setting limits and challenges, StayFocusd cultivates self-discipline and promotes conscious online behavior. It encourages mindful use of the internet.


StayFocusd employs measures to prevent easy bypassing of restrictions. However, determined users may find ways to circumvent the extension’s limitations.

StayFocusd is ideal for individuals seeking to improve time management and focus. It may not be suitable for those who require unrestricted internet access.

StayFocusd primarily operates at the domain level, so blocking specific sections of websites may not be possible.


StayFocusd Chrome extension empowers users to take charge of their online habits, enhance productivity, and make the most of their digital experiences. By enabling website blocking, time limits, and focus-enhancing features, StayFocusd assists users in maintaining a healthy balance between work and leisure. Regain control over your online time, overcome distractions, and embark on a journey of improved productivity and focus with StayFocusd.

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